Friday, March 27, 2009

Poland And Some Of It's History

There are certain things I didn't know in this video about Poland. I found it interesting.

10 minutes

National name: Rzeczpospolita Polska

Poland Flag
In the northern central Europe, Poland is a country about the size of New Mexico.
Land area: 117,571 sq mi (304,509 sq km); total area: 120,728 sq mi.

Most of the country has plains it's only boundaries are the Carpathian Mountains in the south and the Oder and Neisse rivers in the west. Other major rivers, include the Vistula, Warta, and Bug river. Which are important to Poland's commerce.
98% of Poland speaks Polish naturally.
Monetary unit: Zloty

Natural resources: coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, lead, salt, amber, arable land.

Agriculture: potatoes, fruits, vegetables, wheat; poultry, eggs, pork, dairy.

Industries: machine building, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass, beverages, textiles.

Religions: Roman Catholic 90% (about 75% practicing), Eastern Orthodox 1%, Protestant and other.

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